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Toys for Your Urethra: Cock Plugs

By William A. Henkin, Ph.D.

Psychotherapy, Counseling, Sex Therapy for individuals and couples

HSAB Affiliation: Contributing Expert

Many people have heard of and pleasured themselves or their partners with butt plugs, but how about cock plugs?

While the more adventurous enthusiasts have discovered excitement through sensuous stimulation received from inserting objects into their urethra (into the hole in the tip of the penis for men), there is growing intrigue among people who have learned about this practice through the Internet. One major concern for the curious is the question, "Are cock plugs safe to use?"

As with most devices used for pleasure, questions of safety lie not so much in the cock plug itself, as in the ways you use it and the ways you take care of it. Obviously, a cock plug is not a toy you simply slam into place like a plastic cork in a bottle of cheap Retsina. If you use it that way it will not be much safer than a corkscrew. But when inserted gently by someone who likes to have his urethra teased and its limits expanded, or even when placed more firmly as a tool of dominance, the cock plug can be as safe as any other toy intended for introduction to the relevant body cavity.

By its very nature, the cock plug asks that the insertee deliberately relax a sensitive part of his body that is not always at ease even in those sexual situations for which it was designed. Moreover, he will best learn to relax his penis at the same time he allows it to seek the assertive rigidity it often prefers when given attention.

This combination of tension at ease, along with the soft pressure of fingers or lips at the penis's head, will encourage the urethra to present itself most engagingly, as ready as possible to receive at the penile meatus (opening). Consequently, it can help if a man who is going to be plugged, whether by his own hand or another's, can learn to let go of both the physical and the psychological tensions many men experience about their penises, and even learn to surrender to the experience.

In its specific application as a toy used for urethral stimulation the cock plug is not unlike a medical sound. For that reason a cock plug should be machined from surgical stainless steel and well polished. Like medical sounds, which are also designed for urethral insertion, and are also machined from surgical stainless steel and well polished, it is critical that the plug be pristine in its cleanliness and without even microscopic scratches, nodes, or other imperfections that could scratch, tear, or otherwise damage the delicate urethral lining.

A cock plug should also have a ring at the outside end because from the vantage of safety that ring should serve as a rounded flange that will insure the plug does not disappear where the sun don't shine, while permitting someone to remove it from the penis easily and safely. If the ring or other flange is rough or sharp, or if there is the slightest possibility that the ring can follow the plug into the urethra, there is no way to make it safe for use: do not use the toy.

Reception is not the penis's normal mode or function, so even though prior to insertion the urethra will likely already be wet with precoital fluid, or "precum," you will want to lubricate both the penis's opening and the plug. For this purpose you should get some one-use packets of lube from your local sex shop, because bottles intended for multiple uses or even for multiple people are too likely to become innocently contaminated and it can be dangerous to introduce germs or bacteria into the urethra's sterile environment.

To further safeguard against contamination and disease it is ideal that one plug is used on only one man. In any case, clean the plug scrupulously before using it, and best in a series of layers: soap and water, followed by alcohol from a pre-packaged, one-use alcohol wipe, followed by hydrogen peroxide, each application for about 15 minutes. If the plug is used in only one penis this procedure should obviate the need for boiling or using an autoclave. If the plug is to be used in more than one penis, or if for any other reason you choose to boil it, boil it in a pyrex glass pot without any other items to minimize the chances that it will become scratched by bumping up against some other metal. If you must put the plug down after cleaning, lay it on a sterile surface such as the pre-packaged gauze strips you can buy at any drugstore, and handle it only while wearing fresh latex gloves.

So if you are the adventurous type, who purchases a well designed cock plug and can also pay careful attention to the safety guidelines presented, you just might discover a new source of pleasure.

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