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When Couples Explore, The Key to Unlock Her Fantasy

Many men have asked me what the best way is to approach their partners with the idea of having sex with an outside person, and how it has affected the relationship afterwards. The reasons that many couples decide to engage in sexual activity with an outside partner vary greatly but should always be carefully examined before anything has even taken place.

Most males fantasize about having sex with two women at once and often that desire impresses upon his partner the need to validate that fantasy. Or they feel encouraged to express a similar interest when it may have been the furthest thing from her mind. Women generally require such a deep level of intimacy with their partner in order to establish feelings of love and security. Allowing another woman the opportunity to directly interfere with that intimate bond can have exponential outcomes. Most women take into account their emotions into each and every sexual act, undoubtedly any unusual activity is going to have an immediate and lasting impact.

Before discussing who's agenda is who's we need to make sure everyone is on the same page when venturing on an experimental sexual embarkment. Men who anticipate their mate to be totally closed-minded in discussions of three-way activity should probably not approach the subject as a suggestion or desire. Instead take a gander into her secret garden and uncover her utmost fantasy, contemplate how it might play out if you could actually make it happen. Is it a possible situation and if she would ever want it to actually happen? Now if her fantasy happens to about her attractive roomate you may be in luck but chances have it is more likely to be about the Hot Guy at the Gym or some dangerous dark haired stranger. Remember, you don't need to be jealous - these are fantasies! The more genuine interest you express in fufilling her desires the closer you will be to fufilling hers. If given the right situation someone fitting the description of her fantasy guy might very well exist, and what's better is he might also have a beautiful openmided lover!

Oddly enough most women would agree that they would be more likely to participate in a foursome with another couple then they would with another woman. This does seem to level the playing field quite a bit, and frankly four has always been a good number for me. Men will always appeal with the whole straight guy can't watch another man bullshit which can be easily squashed when confronted with his collection of various porn - featuring all those big breasted women fucking all the guys with the 'little' dicks. Trust me guys, watching another man having sex with your girl is going to give you free unedited masturbation material for life. Face it, it's a pretty hot visual and will prove to be great encouragement while your banging his beautiful lover! The best thing is you all go home happy and content, tit as for tat, and spent as hell!

Take preventative measures to not engage in sexual activity with people who have any influence in your relationship, friends, co-workers, neighbors, etc. Personal ads, chatlines, chatrooms for swingers are always a good place to find other couples and singles looking for some fun. Don't be afraid to travel away from home, it isn't always pleasant to run into one of those couples in the market or at little league. Make sure no one is under the influence of drugs or excessive alcohol to the point where they may not otherwise have participated with this activity, or they needed to be in an altered state to 'cope' with the situtation - this will never go away, it will be part of your permanent relationship record, and it is best to be clear-headed and aware of the situation at hand. Exercise caution when choosing a potential new partner or couple. Discuss ahead of time anything that you should be aware of the other couple or any preset rules (no kissing) that they have set as a couple. Be certain that they are who they say they are and be sure to meet in a controlled and neutral environment for coffee or dinner.. If anyone seems uncomfortable or uneasy for any reason, do not proceed. Especially if the other couple does not appear to be on the same page.

I suggest to many couples to experiment at home with a sensual massage therapist or a professional escort to get over the initial pressence of another person inside thier intimate space. It may seem like a bit of a baby step but the reprocussions much less severe. Those with more affluent tastes might book a weekend getaway at an exclusively adult resort where everyonce can get caught up in the exotic escape. If the relationship is a strong one and is based on trust and mutual respect it can make your bond grow even stronger.

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